weather instrumentsWeather forecasting is not an exact science but rather the bringing together of science and technology to give it our best shot at predicting the weather. But understanding your local weather is vital if you have plans for doing any large outdoor projects. You don’t want the weather man to give you a forecast of sunny and warm, when high winds will be heading to your particular neck of the woods. The art of weather forecasting is getting more exact, but to really be sure you know what is coming it can help to install a weather station. Weather stations from companies like Sky Weather Instruments and Davis Instruments can give you precise weather conditions in your area.

Many projects require highly customized and location specific weather data such as temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and more. Weather instruments such as those sold by La Crosse Technology provide that specialized information and don’t leave you relying on a broad weather forecast such as one you might get from the Weather Channel, or When you want to know exactly what the average rainfall is in your valley, the rainfall cup on your own weather center is going to be a lot more helpful than the guy on the radio.

Of course there are people, like the owner of this site :), that like to know the ultra-local weather because it’s more of a hobby than something required for their day to day lives. I feel that weather is something that touches our lives at every minute of every hour. It can make or break a weekend. So it’s interesting to us to track the weather and see what it really means in our area. And we can share that information with friends and family to help them better understand the climate and make plans for what’s coming their way.